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Productivity & Time Management

5 Golden Ground Rules for Setting Goals

Goal setting is not just about finding the right direction; it is also about assessing how far you are from the finishing line. Buying a luxury car will count as success only if one of your goals is to buy....

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Easy Steps For Effective Planning

Before we begin, let me ask you a simple question: What is planning?Planning is the process of goal setting; developing the approach to achieve those goals; outlining activities; prioritising them; and creating a schedule that brings us closer to the goals that we set.....

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Analyse Your Time

During a leadership development program, one often comes across this statement query pounced by the master leadership trainer – “How much time do you “spend” on activities every day that does not contribute to your success at all?” ....

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Prioritise Your Goals

In the third chapter of this book you learnt about setting goals. Now my question to you is: Have you ever found yourself in a situation....

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